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Outpatient Program Integrating AA Meetings Orange County

When you’re going to build a house you need some tools.  Without lumber, nails, and a hammer you wouldn’t get too far with that project, right?  The same can be said for renovations.  After demo day comes the process of creating something stunning and new out of the blown up drywall.  This is how the individual rising up after a struggle with addiction should approach their “project.”  Without the proper tools the job of recovery just won’t ever get done.

Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12 step program has withstood the test of time as one of the essential recovery tools for people in the process of overcoming addiction and rebuilding their lives.  Programs that integrate A.A. meetings Orange County provide the comprehensive treatment approach so necessary in reaching a successful outcome.  The A.A. “tool” is available worldwide and is considered a source of strength and encouragement for those who participate in the meetings.

How A.A. Meetings Orange County Augment Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment offers a variety of intensities based on the severity of the individual’s substance use disorder.  Most outpatient programs provide psychotherapy and group counseling, the bones of the program, so to speak.  Adding 12-step meetings to the menu is like adding the meat.  This is because in the rooms of A.A. people draw strength and courage to persevere in what can be a difficult process.

What is found at an A.A. meeting anywhere is humility, transparency, and empathy.  Everyone there has experienced the same struggle with an addictive substance, albeit to different degrees.  Each member in the room can relate to the speakers’ personal stories, so if that person was able to remain sober, at least most of the time, it offers hope for all who are present.  This important source of peer support is a powerful ally in addiction recovery.

What to Expect in Outpatient Treatment Programs

There is a diverse array of outpatient programs available for treating addictions and/or mental health disorders.  Each program is defined by its mission and treatment philosophy, in addition to the various services and activities they might offer.  Generally, outpatient programs include the following treatment elements:

  • One-on-one psychotherapy sessions with a masters or doctoral level therapist
  • Group therapy, where a therapist facilitates discussion around a given topic
  • Medication management, for assisting with cravings or mental health diagnoses
  • Addiction counseling and education, teaching about the addiction process and how to avoid relapse
  • Life skills assistance, such as help with resumes or job searches
  • 12-step meetings for social support

In addition to these, some outpatient treatment programs offer sober living resources for the individual to utilize while in the program as an extra layer of support.  Some programs may offer legal counseling or support, and some may include holistic therapies, such as yoga classes or mindfulness training.

Using AA as Ongoing Tool in Recovery

No matter where the individual is in their recovery, attending A.A. meetings Orange County will prove be an important tool in their recovery toolbox.  Whether they attend daily meetings or one per month, a recovery community offers something for every member.  Accountability to the group or a sponsor can be a powerful motivator in staying sober and relapse prevention, and support for someone after they slip can provide the strength to start over.

As the individual racks up more time in recovery they will benefit from the service element of A.A.  It is believed that serving others by helping them on their recovery journey can reinforce one’s own commitment to sobriety.  Service redirects the focus from self to serving others, which can yield powerful gifts and benefits in recovery.

Phoenix Rising Behavioral Integrates AA Meetings Orange County Into Outpatient Treatment

Phoenix Rising Behavioral offers day and evening outpatient treatment programs treating behavioral and mental health disorders in South Orange County, California.  Phoenix Rising integrates evidence based and 12-step programming into their program, including A.A. meetings.  In addition, Phoenix Rising offers video gaming addiction treatment and now offers evening outpatient therapy for those who work during the day and need treatment.  For more information, contact Phoenix Rising today at (877) 299-5694.

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