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Orange County Intensive Outpatient Programs

Finding a collection of individuals who can truly understand exactly how it feels to have a substance use disorder can make all the difference when beginning the recovery journey. In most cases, the people closest to you in your life have absolutely no idea how to relate to the disease of addiction. They may mean […]

Where to Live After Rehab

What an accomplishment. You have done the hard work to get clean and sober, grinding through detox and withdrawal. You then spent X many months in rehab, gaining much needed recovery skills and learning how to revamp self-destructive thought and behavior connections. All of this took a ton of effort and lots of time, but […]

6 Behaviors That Lead to Relapse

The first thing that loved ones of a recovering addict should realize is that just completing detox and rehab does not ensure recovery success. These steps will put the person on the road to recovery by teaching them new coping skills and sobriety strategies and helping them make detailed plans to avoid relapsing. But anyone […]

6 Things to Consider When Preparing for Rehab

It is the end of another year—the perfect time to commit to getting help for an alcohol or drug problem. While beginning to make a list of goals for 2019, sobriety should be at the top of that list. What better thing can you do to improve your mental and physical health, to safeguard your […]

How Long Does Heroin Stay in your Urine?

Urine tests to identify heroin have been in existence for decades. Used by private citizens to test their children, schools who administer random drug testing, or athletic programs that have a zero tolerance policy, these simple tests provide quick results. Drug testing is the industry tool used to identify whether an individual is adhering to […]

What to Do When a Recovering Alcoholic Relapses

If your loved one is recovering from alcoholism you probably are well aware that recovery is, indeed, a lifelong pursuit. One day at a time, as the slogan goes. Alcoholism is incredibly challenging to overcome, although thousands do manage to slay the monster on a daily basis. But what happens when things go south? Knowing […]