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12 Steps of NA Explained

No matter what difficulties or challenges we may face in life, overcoming them is always best accomplished through garnering support from an outside source—such as the family, close friends, therapists, or self-help books. When it comes to battling addiction to drugs, finding help and support in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) can be a […]

Learning Tools for Self Care in Recovery

One of the most vital aspects of addiction recovery is the ability to take care of your own needs and cultivate wellness.  Self-care in recovery can elevate the quality of your life as you navigate the sometimes difficult landscape that follows treatment.  While in treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, the structure of the […]

How to Treat Adderall Addiction

If you ever wonder how today’s young adults are able to power through huge, demanding academic course loads while also being involved in multiple extracurricular activities, include a part-time job, look no further than Adderall, i.e., the “study drug.”  Not that all high achievers are dependent on using a stimulant to cope with huge demands […]