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Therapy for Substance Abuse Aliso Viejo

Locating Therapy for Substance Abuse Aliso Viejo Effective treatment for a substance abuse disorder must be conducted on several fronts simultaneously.  The detox and withdrawal phase is important as the first stage of the recovery process, but it is the next stage, the therapeutic phase of treatment, that begins the exploration and healing of the […]

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Alcohol and Drug Therapist Near Me

Locating a Therapist That Matches Your Needs Alcohol and Drug Therapist Near Me in South Orange County Overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol is, undoubtedly, a difficult journey to face.  But freeing oneself from the stranglehold of substance dependency is a team effort, and one of the most powerful advocates for your recovery rests in […]

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Heroin Detox Orange County

Quality Heroin Detox Offered in Suburbia Heroin addiction has crossed all socioeconomic borders in recent years, with a drastic uptick in suburban enclaves.  The days of assuming that living in a nice neighborhood where the kids attend good schools somehow shelters them from drugs are gone. Heroin has infiltrated all walks of life, including the […]

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Addiction Services for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Receiving High Quality Addiction Help in Orange County, California Drug and alcohol addiction is spiraling out of control.  Deaths from drug overdose, both accidental and intentional, continue to ratchet up, topping 50,000 in the U.S. in 2015, according to statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)—representing an 11% increase over 2014.  Opioids, such […]

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Finding Help for Depression and Addiction Recovery

Treating Depression and Addiction Together As stand alone disorders, addiction and depression are themselves serious mental health conditions.  When combined as a dual diagnosis, depression and drug or alcohol addiction can become life threatening.  The effects of abusing alcohol and certain drugs can escalate a major depressive disorder by exacerbating the symptoms and increasing the […]

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Substance Abuse and Treatment with 12 Step Rehabilitation

How the Fundamental Elements of A.A.’s 12-Step Program Aid in Substance Abuse and Treatment There is something to be said for longevity.  An ideology which, when applied to healing the disease of addiction, has endured and flourished for eight decades must be effective.  The 12 step recovery model, which originated from the nascent Alcoholics Anonymous […]