alcoholism and psychiatric disorders
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Alcoholism and Psychiatric Disorders

Alcoholism that exists with a comorbid mood disturbance or mental health disorder is an extremely common occurrence, although, unfortunately, in many cases these dual disorders are not fully acknowledged and treated in the clinical setting.…
rehabilitation for alcoholism
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Rehabilitation for Alcoholism in California

Alcohol use disorder is a difficult condition for people to comprehend. These folks may enjoy a couple of beers at a baseball game, some champagne at a wedding, or a cocktail at the local happy hour at the end of a work day. In their own experience…
how to stop binge drinking
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How to Stop Binge Drinking and Gain Control of Your Life

Ugh! Another morning of waking up in pain, with cringe-worthy memories, if you can remember at all, of your embarrassing actions from the night before only adding to the misery. Somehow, once again, you got swept up in the moment, the revelry,…
Discussion on Real Leadership in Addiction Treatment
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A Lively Discussion on Real Leadership in Addiction Treatment

Last week CEO and CO-Founder of Phoenix Rising Addiction Center Healthcare Services Benjamin appeared on The Recovery Executive Podcast for A Lively Discussion on Real Leadership in Addiction Treatment. During the podcast they discussed on…
Aetna Alcohol Rehab

Aetna Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Sticker shock is one of the most common reasons that an individual in need of rehabilitation for an alcohol addiction resists getting help. Rehabs are pricey and the fact is that most people do not have the means to spend $15,000-$30,000 for…
benefits of quitting alcohol
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The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

The word “recover” means to regain something that you have lost. If recovery were described like one of those credit cards that gave people perks for using it, everyone would want to look into the benefits it offers. You get a lot more than…
Essential Oils for Alcohol Detox
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The Role of Essential Oils for Alcohol Detox

When you read about the medicinal qualities of essential oils, you often see the claim, “There’s an oil for that!” This is actually true, as the variety of essential oils can treat a wide scope of physical or emotional ailments, as well…
common ways addicts manipulate
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6 Common Ways Addicts Manipulate

If you happen to have an addict in your life chances are you are well aware of their uncanny ability to manipulate you.  The addict’s manipulation skills are so astute that, as a parent or loved one of the addict, you are often left off balance,…
Steps to Detox from Alcohol

What Are the Steps to Detox From Alcohol?

What Are the Steps to Detox From Alcohol? Maybe you have read about alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS), the intense withdrawal symptoms that may surface when an individual who is alcohol dependent attempts to stop drinking.  In fact, someone…
Alcoholism Treatment Options
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Alcoholism Treatment Options

What Are My Alcoholism Treatment Options? You suspect you might be developing a problem with your alcohol use.  Lately, you find yourself looking for excuses to drink, no matter what time of day it is.  You have noticed how you look forward…