benefits of quitting alcohol
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The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

The word “recover” means to regain something that you have lost. If recovery were described like one of those credit cards that gave people perks for using it, everyone would want to look into the benefits it offers. You get a lot more than…
Self Care in Recovery

Learning Tools for Self Care in Recovery

One of the most vital aspects of addiction recovery is the ability to take care of your own needs and cultivate wellness.  Self-care in recovery can elevate the quality of your life as you navigate the sometimes difficult landscape that follows…
Mission Viejo Treatment Programs

Mission Viejo Treatment Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Receiving Quality Care at Mission Viejo Treatment Programs It takes a very long time until someone with a problem with substance abuse finally comes around to the idea of asking for help.  A series of “bottoms” may have come and gone,…