Depression and Substance Use Disorder
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Depression and Substance Use Disorder

Depression and substance use disorders are each a serious mental health condition on their own. When combined as comorbid disorders, or a dual diagnosis, depression and addiction can become downright dangerous. It is often difficult to pinpoint…
orange county intensive outpatient programs
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Orange County Intensive Outpatient Programs

Finding a collection of individuals who can truly understand exactly how it feels to have a substance use disorder can make all the difference when beginning the recovery journey. In most cases, the people closest to you in your life have absolutely…
where to live after rehab
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Where to Live After Rehab

What an accomplishment. You have done the hard work to get clean and sober, grinding through detox and withdrawal. You then spent X many months in rehab, gaining much needed recovery skills and learning how to revamp self-destructive thought…
alcoholism and psychiatric disorders
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Alcoholism and Psychiatric Disorders

Alcoholism that exists with a comorbid mood disturbance or mental health disorder is an extremely common occurrence, although, unfortunately, in many cases these dual disorders are not fully acknowledged and treated in the clinical setting.…
benefits of quitting alcohol
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The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

The word “recover” means to regain something that you have lost. If recovery were described like one of those credit cards that gave people perks for using it, everyone would want to look into the benefits it offers. You get a lot more than…
Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center
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Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Orange County

Coming to grips with a substance use disorder that is coupled with a mental health issue is a tall order.  Knowing full well there is a difficult process ahead of learning how to live one’s life without the drug or alcohol can seem daunting. …
Therapy for Substance Abuse Aliso Viejo
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Therapy for Substance Abuse Aliso Viejo

Locating Therapy for Substance Abuse Aliso Viejo Effective treatment for a substance abuse disorder must be conducted on several fronts simultaneously.  The detox and withdrawal phase is important as the first stage of the recovery process,…
Drug Therapist Near Me
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Alcohol and Drug Therapist Near Me

Locating a Therapist That Matches Your Needs Alcohol and Drug Therapist Near Me in South Orange County Overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol is, undoubtedly, a difficult journey to face.  But freeing oneself from the stranglehold of substance…
Depression and Addiction Recovery
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Finding Help for Depression and Addiction Recovery

Treating Depression and Addiction Together As stand alone disorders, addiction and depression are themselves serious mental health conditions.  When combined as a dual diagnosis, depression and drug or alcohol addiction can become life threatening. …
Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment in Orange County

Receiving the Best Depression Treatment Everyone experiences sadness in life, even the well to do. The loss of a loved one, stress at work or in the home and a variety of other things can cause our sadness to become "larger than life" at times.…