where to live after rehab
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Where to Live After Rehab

What an accomplishment. You have done the hard work to get clean and sober, grinding through detox and withdrawal. You then spent X many months in rehab, gaining much needed recovery skills and learning how to revamp self-destructive thought…
preparing for rehab
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6 Things to Consider When Preparing for Rehab

It is the end of another year—the perfect time to commit to getting help for an alcohol or drug problem. While beginning to make a list of goals for 2019, sobriety should be at the top of that list. What better thing can you do to improve…
alcoholism and psychiatric disorders
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Alcoholism and Psychiatric Disorders

Alcoholism that exists with a comorbid mood disturbance or mental health disorder is an extremely common occurrence, although, unfortunately, in many cases these dual disorders are not fully acknowledged and treated in the clinical setting.…
heroin addiction following prescription
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Heroin Addiction Following Prescription for Opioids

Opioid addiction is an insidious disease that shows no favoritism. Anyone who is prescribed a painkiller following surgery or an accident is vulnerable to becoming dependent on the drug, rich or poor, young or old. No one goes to the pharmacy…
common ways addicts manipulate
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6 Common Ways Addicts Manipulate

If you happen to have an addict in your life chances are you are well aware of their uncanny ability to manipulate you.  The addict’s manipulation skills are so astute that, as a parent or loved one of the addict, you are often left off balance,…
Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment in Orange County

Receiving the Best Depression Treatment Everyone experiences sadness in life, even the well to do. The loss of a loved one, stress at work or in the home and a variety of other things can cause our sadness to become "larger than life" at times.…