post opiate anxiety
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What is Post Opiate Anxiety?

Weeks, even months following successfully completing opiate detox and treatment feelings of anxiety can still linger. This, and other symptoms of post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) can be a challenging obstacle to overcome in the early phase…
klonopin withdrawal
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Managing Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

Klonopin is a sedative in the benzodiazepine class of drugs, and is prescribed for treating panic disorder, seizures, insomnia, and akathisia. The drug has a rapid onset, with the tranquilizing effects of Klonopin evident within one hour. It…
How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your Urine
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How Long Does Heroin Stay in your Urine?

Urine tests to identify heroin have been in existence for decades. Used by private citizens to test their children, schools who administer random drug testing, or athletic programs that have a zero tolerance policy, these simple tests provide…
heroin addiction following prescription
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Heroin Addiction Following Prescription for Opioids

Opioid addiction is an insidious disease that shows no favoritism. Anyone who is prescribed a painkiller following surgery or an accident is vulnerable to becoming dependent on the drug, rich or poor, young or old. No one goes to the pharmacy…
How Do You Die from a Heroin Overdose
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How Do You Die from a Heroin Overdose

With the drug epidemic now regularly reported on in the mainstream media, and overdose deaths affecting people in all walks of life, some may wonder how do you die from a heroin overdose? It seems perplexing that so many more of these tragic…
Opiate Addiction Treatment
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Finding the Most Effective Opiate Addiction Treatment

Addiction is overtaking your life.  You know it.  Your loved ones see it, too. Once addiction to heroin or pills hits critical mass a powerful sense of urgency to get help signals that the survival instinct is in full swing. Getting opiate…