orange county intensive outpatient programs

Orange County Intensive Outpatient Programs

Finding a collection of individuals who can truly understand…
Long Term Care for Alcoholics

Long Term Care For Alcoholics

One of the most important things to understand and accept before…
where to live after rehab

Where to Live After Rehab

What an accomplishment. You have done the hard work to get clean…
preparing for rehab

6 Things to Consider When Preparing for Rehab

It is the end of another year—the perfect time to commit to…
How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your Urine

How Long Does Heroin Stay in your Urine?

Urine tests to identify heroin have been in existence for decades.…
What to Do When a Recovering Alcoholic Relapses

What to Do When a Recovering Alcoholic Relapses

If your loved one is recovering from alcoholism you probably…
alcoholism and psychiatric disorders

Alcoholism and Psychiatric Disorders

Alcoholism that exists with a comorbid mood disturbance or mental…
heroin addiction following prescription

Heroin Addiction Following Prescription for Opioids

Opioid addiction is an insidious disease that shows no favoritism.…
rehabilitation for alcoholism

Rehabilitation for Alcoholism in California

Alcohol use disorder is a difficult condition for people to comprehend.…
how to stop binge drinking

How to Stop Binge Drinking and Gain Control of Your Life

Ugh! Another morning of waking up in pain, with cringe-worthy…