Alexis Florence

Let me tell you a bit about Alexis, our Program Director.

She is timeless. She is youthful and may surprise people with her age, yet has a maturity and level of experience that matches individuals who have worked in the field for decades. She holds herself as someone with a self-respect that is admirable and boundaries that are impressive.

She is also evenly suited working form her left and right hemispheres. Translated she demonstrates an incredible ability to show empathy, compassion and connect with others while also being extremely organized, productive and efficient. Extremely efficient.

She possesses skills that are what many of the clients are striving to achieve and she walks the walk. She asks nothing of the clients that she does not demonstrate in the way she lives life, and holds herself at work.

She moves easily between knowing what a client struggling with addiction may need in any moment. She can hold them to a boundary, encourage them into group and help with a job resume and in an instant switch to being reflective and validating if the client needs the emotional support.

Her best and most important trait is that she is honest. She is authentic, congruent and transparent in how she interacts with both clients and colleagues. She never plays games or avoids the difficult conversations. She is upfront and creates an environment where honesty is not only allowed but honored.

We are very lucky to have such a dynamic Program Director at Phoenix Rising Addiction Center.