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No one likes to go it alone when tackling a daunting life challenge, especially when facing treatment for a drug or alcohol problem.  There is strength in numbers, which is why group therapy, sober living, and 12-step meetings are such powerful tools in recovery.  Having peers who understand your struggle can be powerful allies for one another when facing down addiction.

Outpatient treatment programs are excellent for providing both effective treatment as well as flexibility to fit in work or school obligations.  Add OC sober living to the mix and now you have a safe, drug and alcohol-free zone to live outside of treatment hours.  Sober living can make all the difference if your home life is unstable or unsupportive of your sobriety goals, especially in the early months of recovery.

OC Sober Living in Tandem With Outpatient Treatment

Each individual’s personal story is unique when it comes to the internal or external battles they face when attempting to launch a new sober lifestyle.  Outpatient treatment can offer new insights, through individual and group therapy, about what might have been driving the need to use drugs or alcohol, as well as teach the critical coping skills and stress-reduction techniques that are essential in avoiding relapse.

But for some, the freedom to remain living at home during the program can pose a problem.  Some individuals may find that their family spouse, or roommates are not very supportive of their goal to remain clean and sober, and may continue to openly use substances in their presence.  In early recovery, just a whiff of alcohol can be a trigger that can lead to a full-blown relapse.

Other individuals may have a supportive family who rids the home of all substances, but the recovering addict cannot trust him or herself to be strong regardless of these measures.  The temptation to use or drink can quickly overpower their desire for sobriety and off they go to score drugs or alcohol.  These individuals may need an extra layer of support.

Why Is Sober Living Important?

This is where sober living comes in to play.  A sober home may add a bit to the overall treatment tab, but when taking the long view, it is worth the extra expense.  With a zero tolerance policy for drugs or alcohol, sober living housing can provide the structure and support needed in the early stage of recovery, while going through outpatient treatment and beyond.  Just knowing that drug and alcohol testing is a condition for remaining in the sober home can create an important deterrent effect.

Also, while living in the sober home a bond with the other housemates and the house manager is formed, creating a sense of accountability.  With a shared mission of staying sober, the group becomes an intrinsic part of each other’s battle.  In essence, sober living can provide the important social support and substance-free environment that can vastly improve the recovery outcome.

What to Expect in OC Sober Living

A sober living home provides the framework needed to remain clean and sober while going through a day or evening outpatient treatment and the months following completion of the program.  This transitional housing option is a helpful tool in the quest for a new, sober lifestyle, as it helps the individuals strengthen their commitment to sobriety and shore up their new recovery skills.  Sober living can prepare them better for re-entering their regular daily lives.

Sober living homes emphasize a type of monitored independence, by encouraging housemates to work or continue with school within a structured living environment.  Sober living homes have:

  • House rules and responsibilities that must be followed
  • Zero tolerance for use or possession of drugs or alcohol
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Mandatory weekly house meetings
  • Required attendance at 12-step meetings

Phoenix Rising Provides Both Orange County, OC Sober Living and Outpatient Treatment

Phoenix Rising Addiction Center Health Care Service is a Southern California drug and alcohol outpatient program that provides sober living resources for its clients.  Using a multi-disciplinary and evidence-based approach to addiction treatment, the expert therapists will guide clients toward a joyful new life in sobriety.  For more information about the program and the sober living resources, please contact Phoenix Rising Addiction Center today at (877) 299-5694.

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