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When addiction has reached the level that you are no longer able to make rational choices regarding your life and your health, it is time to seek treatment from high quality Orange County alcohol and drug abuse services.  Your gut is telling you it is time to stop tempting fate, or you will lose your life.  Listen.

Drug overdose deaths reached 64,000 in 2016, with deaths related to heroin overdose increasing 6 fold since 2002, according to statistics provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  Fentanyl deaths saw the highest increase in a year, with 20,000 2016 deaths attributed to the synthetic opioid.  Alcohol-related deaths were even higher, attributed to 88,000 people losing their lives in 2015, as reported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a treatable chronic disease.  It can be successfully managed through effective programs provided through Orange County alcohol and drug abuse services.  Taking that first step to reach out to a supportive, compassionate treatment provider will begin the recovery process that will set you on a new, healthy, and fulfilling path in life.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

With a plethora of addiction rehabs available, it is sometimes difficult to discern which type of program would best suit your treatment needs.  In general, there are two basic rehab formats to select from, inpatient or outpatient.  Inpatient treatment programs provide 24/7 support and monitoring, as the client will reside there at the facility for a month or more.  Inpatient programs offer an assortment of therapeutic activities throughout the highly structured days.  This includes individual talk therapy, group counseling sessions, recovery group meetings, family therapy, featured speakers, and adjunct therapies such as yoga, guided meditation, and art therapy.  Inpatient programs can provide dual diagnosis treatment, when a co-existing mental health disorder is present alongside the substance abuse disorder.

Outpatient rehab programs can be an optimal treatment choice for individuals with mild addictions or those who need continuing care following completion of an inpatient program.  Outpatient rehabs offer more scheduling options, making it flexible enough to accommodate work schedules.  The client resides at their own home during their outpatient program outside of treatment hours.  Outpatient treatment offers individual and group therapy, ongoing addiction education and relapse prevention, and requires clients to participate in a recovery group such as AA or NA.

What to Expect from Orange County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services

When someone has sought out treatment for a drug or alcohol problem they are usually quite motivated to participate in the program.  Being willing to do the work necessary to overcome an addiction is critical to a successful recovery.  Addiction treatment is an active, not passive endeavor.  Active participation in all elements of the program is a strong predictor of positive recovery outcomes.

Psychotherapy is a central treatment element in recovery programs.  In particular, addiction specialists use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) most often because it is an effective short-term evidence-based therapy that yields excellent results.  CBT teaches clients how to manage the negative or irrational thought patterns that lead to substance abuse.  Once the triggers are identified through therapy, the client is guided towards using new tools and techniques to respond differently to them, versus using drugs and alcohol.

Family therapy is another effective treatment method that can help families heal in the aftermath of addiction.  Addiction is indeed a family disease.  Through these group sessions, family members are able to share their resentments and frustrations, feelings of guilt and shame, as well as admit that trust bonds have been broken.  It is important to have these honest, transparent discussions during the healing process.  Once these issues have been discussed and processed, the therapist can introduce new communication tools and interpersonal relating techniques that will help the family rebuild trust and have a healthier family dynamic as a result.

Phoenix Rising Provides Leading Orange County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services

 Phoenix Rising Addiction Center is an outpatient addiction rehab based in Orange County, California that is dedicated to offering the tools for an individual to rise above their past and forge a new, bright future through recovery.  Phoenix Rising incorporates the 12-step programming into its treatment program, and uses only evidence-based therapies such as CBT and pseudo attachment therapy for excellent results. Detox, residential and sober living resources available for those who need additional care. Get started with healing today, contact Phoenix Rising today at (877) 299-5694.

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