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Heroin Overdose Induced Deaths Soared in OC

Help for Heroin Addiction Drug overdose induced deaths soared to a whopping 400 last year in Orange County alone. This is a 6 percent increase from last year, and a 60 percent increase from 2005, just twelve years ago. The culprit? No, not pain killers. It’s Heroin. At least 66 percent of last year’s overdose deaths were caused by the opioid, which is astounding for this area of the country. Why?


Heroin has a long-standing reputation for affecting lower class minorities in urban areas. So why, then are the death tolls so catastrophic in an area where it rains a handful of days per year, the sun is always out, and the wealth is abundant? The short answer is we don’t know. Somewhere along the line this highly addictive drug has made it to the sandy beaches of Orange County and it’s planning an extended stay. The truth is, people in this area can afford any type of drug they want. Young, as well as old, seem to be getting their hands on the drug and using. Hard. And it’s not just being used on the street. Our private homes are often the stage for wild parties, and ultimately drug use and abuse. Overdosing is often unintentional, but the effects are always long lasting, either for the victim or for those whom they love that they leave behind.

We Can Help You Overcome Drug Addiction

What can you do if you or someone you hold dear has been enveloped by this trap? Seek aid. Immediately. While the government burns through resources trying to come up with anti-opioid serums for victims who have been hospitalized soon after slight overdoses, we can prevent an overdose by remembering that we have control over our own bodies. Heroin addiction can be helped. Heroin Treatment in Orange County? Yes, Heroin Treatment in Orange County is becoming a necessity for living here. Phoenix Rising and their team of specialized staff can help to satiate the craving for any drug abuse victim. Our clients are received with welcome arms as guests and our patients are treated well.

However, patients must realize and be prepared for a steep decline of withdrawal symptoms when ridding the body of these harmful drugs. We have counselors, doctors and behavioral therapists that are willing to help you to get on the path to recovery. To curb the craving and withdrawal symptoms, we engage the patient in healthy outdoor or therapeutic activities. Each client is assigned a master’s level therapist at intake, schedule two therapy sessions per week, and start off attending 5 groups per week from 9am to 12pm.

Remember, too that world events, our direct work environment and stress and anxiety levels may reach a point where we think we need these drugs to survive. Addiction can follow. The way we view stress, anxiety, and sleep needs to change. There are safer, healthier options. An independent person is almost always a more successful one. If we become dependent on any of these substances, we need to look at the big picture. There are better ways to cope. Our Substance Abuse Treatment Program here in Orange County allows our clients to focus on themselves in a positive way, creating room for development in a very personal way. Our alternative treatments help to focus on well-being, and our client’s active participation in our soothing and calming exercises and activities build their confidence that a drug-free existence is possible. You can be happy and fulfilled without the need for addiction.

A Precursor to Heroin Addiction

The over-prescription of pain medications like OxyContin and Vicodin has been identified as a precursor to victims developing a heroin addiction. Recent legal action taken against certain doctors, commonly referred to as pill mills, has sent powerful feedback to the medical community about over-prescribing these dangerous and addictive medications.  Even though legitimately prescribed for pain following injury or surgery, it is now becoming apparent how addictive these drugs are and a return to former methods of pain management are forthcoming. Also, the way our medical community reacts to this correction may well shape the near future of the pharmaceutical company’s hold on America. With so many lives hanging in the balance, we can only hope that those in a position of authority will continue to do all that they can to make our communities a safer and healthier place to live and hand out punishment to those who seek to make a profit off of our citizen’s lives, livelihood or death. Make it a goal for yourself to speak up if you see a friend or loved one veering off course. It could save their life.

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