Prescription Drug Treatment

Is There a Solution to Prescription Drug Abuse?

Understanding Prescription Drug Treatment Options

Prescription Drug TreatmentUnfortunately we live in an area that has a tremendous prescription drug problem. Orange County has one of the largest prescription drug issues in the nation. In certain instances, this cannot be helped. Our Doctor prescribes a medication for us, and we take it, usually without a second thought. However, most pain killers and muscle relaxants are either opioids or narcotics of other kinds. These can aid us for a time, however can be extremely addicting and very difficult to discontinue. If you have been caught in this trap and are searching for a way out, Phoenix Rising Ladera Ranch can help. Located in lovely Orange County, California, better healing conditions could not be asked for.

The solution may seem daunting at first. And the results may not seem ideal for the issues that it will cause. For instance, you may experience extreme withdrawal while detoxing from these dangerous narcotics. However, the end result is much more appealing than the alternative. The first step in detoxing would be to contact a physician that has your best interests at heart. Phoenix Rising in Ladera Ranch has several physicians that can guide you in taking the right steps towards recovery. You would need to come off the drugs slowly, and under the care of a physician. The expertise of our physicians is specialized to deal with various types of addiction. It is recommended that you schedule an orientation as soon as possible so that you can be properly diagnosed and can be recommended a course of action. During the detox stages of the treatment, you may be directed to discard any extra medication that you have in your home. The Walgreen’s safe medication disposal kiosks are good so that the narcotics are disposed of in a responsible manner. Please do not throw away your medication in an ordinary trash bin. This is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. If you made sushi and it turned out to carry dangerous food poison, you would dispose of it in a proper manner. You should treat this medication as a potential addiction for someone else, so please use a medication disposal kiosk.

Phoenix Rising Can Help

At Phoenix Rising, we strive to treat each case individually. We do not recycle plans. Each person meets with a specialist and a physician to determine a plan of action that is unique to that particular individual. Each person is different, and we don’t pretend otherwise. A specialized plan of action is indeed unique to the patient, and we strive to make it the best for you. We take into account you and your families concerns and your abilities and try to make a reasonable plan that accommodates each factor of the patients’ needs. This is especially important when treating a prescription drug problem. Since each person has a different tolerance for each dosage of prescription drugs, we need to show special consideration for each individual case, even with the use of professional physicians. This should be enough of a reason for you to consult a professional if you have a prescription drug issue simply because of the complexity of each case. It is extremely dangerous to assume that you can treat yourself or worse yet, ignore the problem altogether. Please seek aid. Phoenix Rising can help. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately or stop by. Getting your life back starts here! We have the facilities to treat you in comfort and anonymity. If you truly want treatment, consider us as your one stop treatment center. It’s not instantaneous or painless, but we will get you through the process with the results you need with none of the fluff. Make us your first and only choice in a rehabilitation center.

As we draw closer to the New Year, make it your resolve to take a stand against drug addiction, in whatever form. Whether it be alcohol addiction, prescription drugs, or legal and illegal forms of narcotics, your health is the most important thing and should be the primary concern of your loved ones as well. To us, to your friends, family and neighbors. To break free of an addiction is often the pinnacle of a person’s life. To an addict, this turning point can be a new start to life. As we come together in this season and spirit of giving, give yourself or a loved one a second chance at life. There is no greater gift. Season’s Greetings from all of us at Phoenix Rising!

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