Stefani Crecelius, M.S., RADT

Have you met Stefani?

Stefani is our Case Manager and all-around support staff. Stefani is incredibly over qualified in the role she holds at Phoenix Rising. Having completed her Master’s Degree and continuing her education, she is highly equipped in supporting our clients.

She holds and demonstrates values with a grace and consistency that is so important for anyone working in treatment. Her ethics and standards are of her own volition, not only because of workplace standards but because it is of her own expectation of self. She is a shining example to our clients of how to maintain and exert values in everyday life. It is incredibly refreshing to see professionals in the field of addiction maintaining values and ethics with her level of commitment.

Stefani also possesses a strong work ethic. She is consistently early and ready for what the day brings in treatment, keeping steady to daily work tasks while embracing any new assignment or request made of her in the day. She follows through with her own work as well as the needs of the client. If there are community service opportunities to be found, ways to aid budgeting, job possibilities or any other resource, she will tirelessly search for the needed information.

Stefani is kind-hearted. Many people might not understand the importance of this however she can hold her boundaries as needed while still demonstrating a level of kindness in her care. She is considerate of those around her, clients and colleagues and will go the extra distance to ensure that everyone at Phoenix Rising feels her support and efforts.

We are so fortunate to have one of the most educated, experienced and caring case managers here at Phoenix Rising.