Aloha. Welcome back. This is Ben Kaneaiakala owner of Phoenix rising addiction center. Thank you guys for following and going along with me on this journey of us getting into the 12 and 12 and step one we’ve been covering we admitted that we’re powerless over our thinking and that our behaviors have become unmanageable. We’ve read the first paragraph about who cares to admit completely defeat practically no one of course, every natural instinct cries out against the idea of, of admitting powerlessness. We have warped our minds into such an obsession or thinking for destruction that it brings about the unmanageability that we might be showing out in the world where we’re we’re, we, we might be having problems in sobriety or in recovery from a particular addiction or a particular problem and we’re starting to recognize how unmanageable these things are getting. We’re getting feedback from friends, from family, from workers, from whoever it might be from the legal system, whatever that might be in regards to the unmanageability is that we’re actually getting in the world, but there is a bigger unmanageability and powerlessness that’s happening within us as, as human beings. And a lot of the times we don’t really pay much attention to what’s going on within our thinking within our bodies and how our thinking is, is impacting our bodies and how our bodies hold on to a lot of the things that’s going on with us. And that’s where we can get into some physical problems, health problems, things of that nature. And then our emotions are uncontrollable. We’re like bouncing off the walls. We, we don’t know, we feel happy, mad, sad, glad at any given moment.  The recognition of powerlessness and unmanageability in regards to not just what’s happening on the outside, but what’s happening on the inside within me. I don’t think we, we spend a lot or, or, or spend a lot of time in taking a look at insight, and that’s why the reaching out for help and, and working with a sponsor or a mentor or a therapist, or a 12 step group, or some type of support group for us whether it be, you know, whatever 12 step program, this might be, I’m trying to generalize so I can cover as many different topics or issues or things that could come out or come about in regards to our thinking and our behaviors. So that’s what I’m trying to, to point at and, and to continue talking about, and again, this might not fit for you.  This might not make any sense for you, but if it does leave some suggestions, leave some feedback. I’d love to be able to talk more about certain things. I’ve been getting some, some very interesting feedback and things like that and people are still kind of struggling with, with the concept or the ideas that I’m presenting, just be open, be open minded and just kind of go with it, you know, and, and if you, and if you need some help or guidance and understanding, I’ll be more than happy to, to help out and to gain a little bit more insight about what might be going on in your life that I might be able to, to help you understand what I’m, what I’m sharing or what I’m going, what I’m reading here in your life. And hopefully it enhances the quality of your life.  So I’m going to start going into the next paragraph where it says, as a result of us, acknowledging the powerlessness and unmanageability over our thinking and the behaviors that only inactive Providence can remove it from us. Only the act of asking for help can remove it from us only the seeking guidance or not trying to find satisfaction or the solution in worldly things, but to try and find it within with the help of an act Providence it doesn’t have to be God or Jesus or Buddha, or, you know, that just, just that act of surrender and asking for help from somebody else is an act of Providence in my eyes. Okay. So an act of Providence outside of ourselves, or if you can connect to your inner self, your inner being your presence, and hopefully you can find some solutions there and, and reach out to, to others.  So they go into the next paragraph where no other kinds of bankruptcy is like this one, we come to a place where we’ve hit a bottom, we’ve hit a point of bankruptcy and surrender, and we’re like, we’ve tried it all. We’ve tried everything. We’ve tried this, we’ve tried that. And I’m just tired of trying. I’m tired of that, that worked for a little while. That didn’t work, that, that worked for a little while. And we just keep going, trying to find, find a solution, but we’re, we could be looking for the solution in the wrong place. You know, so no other kinds of bankruptcy is like this one, whatever the problem might be now becomes the rapacious credit or a bleed. This of all self-sufficiency and all will to resist its demands. Once the stark facts have been accepted, our bankruptcy has gone, human concerns are complete.  That feeling of I’m trying to fix this. I’m trying to control this. I’m trying to, to handle this on my own. You know, I got this, I can’t ask for help. I can’t go to anybody. What are they going to think? All those things of the Ego, all those things are all Ego and pride, you know, and when we get to this place of surrender of admitting complete defeat, that I don’t need to handle it. I don’t need to look good in front of people. I don’t need to, you know, just, just let it go. The easier, softer way. And the quickest way is actually in, in the surrender, it’s actually in the yielding, it’s actually in the acknowledgement of, of admitting powerlessness and unmanageability that when I can get to that place and it doesn’t have to be that that pain and suffering doesn’t have to be great.  We set the bar or the parameters around what my pain is suffering. It’s going to be, I can have little pain and suffering, or I can have great pain and suffering. It’s really dependent upon us. And that is determined by this admission, this admission of powerlessness and unmanageability, and knowing that it’s okay, knowing that I don’t have to do this alone. I don’t have to do this by myself. There are people and resources that are out there that can help me. I don’t have to always be self sufficient. You know my ego is always in the way, my pride is always in the way. And this step here of step one, that foundation step is about me surrendering that even if it’s just a little, you know, so I hope this helps. This is another paragraph in step one on page 21, I’m looking forward to some feedback, some suggestions, things like that as I continue to create these videos and, and continue to talk about this step is a very important step in us moving forward in, in finding peace, love, and joy in our lives. All right. Hope you guys are having a great day. I will talk to you later.